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Costume and Hip Belt Ties

If you are making belts based on patterns on this site, the specific belt-instruction page will have the needed raw dimensions.

Fast Flat Ties

The goal: make two flat ties neatly and quickly.

  1. Cut or rip the fashion fabric to the following dimensions.
  2. Sew your tie fabric the long way to make a tube. Use 1/3" seam allowance.
  3. Press seam open with top of iron.
  4. Turn inside-out so that the right side is now on the outside.
  5. Position the seam so that it is in the MIDDLE of the belt, not an end! This will look much better.
  6. Finish tie edges. If your ends are on a selvage and you like the way it looks, simply stitch the ends shut. Otherwise, turn the ends under 1/2", press and stitch.
  7. If you are making two ties at once, fold your belt body in half the short way, press the fold, and then make two rows of stitches, 1/2" apart, at the middle fold. Cut between the lines. Now you have two ties.

If these are hip belt ties, tuck raw ends to desired width as per belt instructions and stitch tucks into place.
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