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Coin Belts from Cat´s Paw Dance Belts

Ruric-Amari says: My audience loves my coin belts, and dancers often ask me where I 'found' them. I love my belts, too; they are durable, easy to dance in, and very striking.

My belts (and matching jewelry and bra covers) were made by Perry Williams, AKA Cat´s Paw Dance Belts, who lives in the Kentuckiana area and travels all over selling his belts (and jewelry, and swords) at festivals and fairs. He will help you bring your own design to life or he will design something for you. Don't be shy about discussing your requirements with him! He charges by the type of belt and the number of drapes; no extra charge for his design expertise.

No, he didn't pay for this advertisement!

Ruric Amari in-Cats-Paw Coin Belt
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