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Help for the Cook


Herbs: if you grow your own, dry them in bunches or on screens in a warm, dark, well-ventilated spot, ideally not ove 90 degrees (or the herbs will cook as well as dry).

Store away from direct sunlight. They will stay in good condition for one year in covered glass or plastic containers.

1/4 t powdered herb = 3/4 - 1 t crumbled = 2 t fresh.

To preserve flavor, add herbs to hot food no more than 1 hour before completing the cooking.

For cold foods, herbs should be added several hours or overnight before serving.

Chop leaves very fine to extract the most flavor. Scissors are often the best utensil.

To become familiar with the taste of an herb, mix it with butter or cream cheese, let sit an hour, and spread it on a cracker.


Barbecue Cumin Garlic Hot Pepper Oregano        
Eggs Basil Dill weed leaves Garlic Parsley        
Fish Basil Bay leaf, crumbled Tarragon Lemon thyme Parsley Fennel Sage Savory
Italian Basil Marjoram Oregano Rosemary Sage Savory Thyme I use this in chex mix , corned beef hash, and steamed root vegetables as well as pasta dishes.
Poultry Lovage Marjoram Sage          
Salad Basil Lovage Parsley French Marjoram        
Sausage 5 parts dried marjoram 1 part garlic powder 1/4 part pepper          
Tomato Sauce Basil Bay leaf Marjoram Oregano Rosemary Sage Savory Thyme
Vegetables Basil Parsley Savory          

Seasoned Salt

Save money and ensure finest ingredients by mixing your own seasoned salts.

Salt 1/2 c 1/2 - 1 c
Black pepper 1 - 1.5 T 1 - 1.5 T
Curry pdr 1 T 1 T
Dry mustard 2 t 2 t
Marjoram   1 T
Nutmeg 1 T 1 T
Oregano 1 T 1 T
Paprika 1 T 1 T
Red Pepper   1/2 t
Tarragon 1 t 1 t
Thyme 1 T 1 T
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