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Ahwach Tissint

Betrothal Dance of Morocco

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Morocco describes this as a betrothal dance, during which the man offers his protection by offering to slip his dagger over a young woman's head.

Art-Amazigh describes it as such: "The village of Tissint [in Morocco] is... is also known by its ahwach n Tissint or dance of the dagger. Generally the troupe consists of 14 members: nine dancers (six girls and three men) and five percussionists. The instruments used are three tambourines ... and 2 ganga. Young girls wear the traditional dress of indigo color ornamented with very old money. The men wear blue and white color costumes. Ahwach n Tissint is a ritual of marriage, a young man raises lkummiyt and revolves around the girl. The goal is to get the ring she wears on her head. Once recovered, it means that the two young people are willing to get married. He gives lkummiyt around the neck of his bride so that their married life will be happy."


Morocco is an internationally-known teacher, performer and researcher of Middle Eastern Dance.

Art-Amazigh culture and Heritage blog site., Video of a staged performance of the ahwach-tissint. The back-and-forth of the man and woman really is quite eloquent. I speculate that what is also being offered is the responsibility to protect the man's honor as well..

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