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Pasta Stoup

Thicker than Soup, not quite a Stew: a fast and delicious Vegan meal. Yes, this makes great leftovers! Keep up with a FREE subscription to the BABA YAGA newsletter.
Into a 4-qt or larger slow cooker:
  • Two 15-oz cans (or one large 30-oz can) diced tomatoes with liquid;
  • 2 c water;
  • One large sweet onion, sliced thinly;
  • Garlic, mashed (1 -2 t);
  • 1T oregano leaves;
  • 1T basil leaves;
  • 2T olive oil;
  • Vegetable boullion flavoring for 6 cups of fluid (cube or paste).

Gently stir for a few moments to even out ingredients in the pot. Then cover and cook on HIGH until it comes to a simmer (1.5 hours in my slow cooker)..

Add 2-3 c cooked garbanzo beans, rinsed in warm water.

Bring it to a simmer for the second time (about 30 minutes in my slow cooker).

Add 8 - 12 oz spaghetti, broken into thirds, and stir into the liquid.

By the time the ingredients come to a simmer for the third time (20-30 minutes), the spaghetti will be done.


Leftovers make great work lunches.

This dish can be made on the stovetop, of course. Follow the same sequence, but keep the heat on low and do not rush. Let the flavors mingle.
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