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Chex Mix

Quite possibly the best Chex Mix recipe in the world.

Make your sauce, then combine with the "dry" ingredients (Chex, pretzels, cheese crackers and nuts) and cook in a slow oven until the sauce turns crispy.

For 3 batches of 18c (48 cups total):

Turn on oven and set to 250 F to preheat. If using a large cast-iron kettle, put it in there to preheat as well.

  1. Prepare the dry ingredients by combining them gently. I do this in a large plastic bag and then put the bag into my largest water-bath canner or a large box (to support the weight).
  2. Prepare the sauce for one 18 c batch:
  3. Add 18 c chex/pretzel mix to the sauce, stirring gently until all pieces are coated and seasoning is absorbed into the cereal.
  4. Cook at 250 degrees for one hour, stirring every 20 minutes to avoid having the seasoned butter pool on the bottom of the pan.
  5. Repeat for subsequent batches.

This mix will keep almost indefinately, especially if locked up! :)

[2016 note: the large boxes of Chex were not to be found locally this year: only the 12 oz. To keep it simple, I just swapped in the smaller boxes with no adjustments to the other dry ingredients. The result was spicy but good.]
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