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Balkan Music

Rhythms, Melody, History and Dance Performance Music

"The majority of the region was under the control of the Ottoman Empire from 1699 until the early 20thC, and this has had a profound effect on the culture in general and traditional music in particular. " — Chris Haigh

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Albanian Music


  • Ajsino Oro
    • Radio Rumeli concert. Looks and sounds like a tabla is the percussion instrument.
    • Folk dance to recorded music.

Macedonian Music

7/8 [3-2-2]

Serbian Music



  • Ederlezi: this is the name of the Serbian feast of St George, celebrated on May 6.

7/8 [3-2-2]


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Aleksandar Aca Sisic was the most notable Serbian violinist and promoter of Serbian folk music.

World Atlas map of Balkan Peninsula States shows Europe with individual countries identified, and then the Balkan Peninsula within it.

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