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Samovar Dance Company

Belly Dance, Bollywood and Tahitian Dance Entertainment for Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana

The Samovar Dance Company was formed by Ruric-Amari in March 2005. Samovar has evolved into a high-energy performance group bringing authentic and experimental ethnic and modern dance to a wide variety of venues in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

Samovar East was formed in 2010 to present authentic Bollywood and group dances from Ruric's Indic Idiom project. Indic Idiom, now in its third year, was inspired by the life work of La Meri, an American dancer who mastered Indian dance during her tours in the East and went on to perform it in the West to the music of Bach and several of the great ballets.

Samovar Oasis was formed in 2011 to present the dance arts of Tahiti and Hawaii in an authentic and respectful context; entertaining light-hearted fast Tahitian Otea to the liquid story-telling of Ancient Hula.

In 2013, Nicolette Boese Spears, a modern dancer, started performing with Samovar in some of the Tahitian and bellydance numbers. She brought her own special skill set to the group by choreographing and directing modern dance pieces that reflect the Company's commitment to high-quality dance and entertainment.

In 2016, Samovar organized their own in-house band.

In 2017, Ruric and Samovar will be travelling to India to present at the Mysore palace, under the patronage of Dr. Doraswamy. Ruric will be performing her Bharatanatyam Arangetram on the first day, followed by a concert by Samovar on the second.

The Company's current performance schedule and online ticket options can be found at their website,


Oct 2015 :: Arts-Louisville review of Samovar's Ashes in the Storm concert:

"'Illumination', which [Ruric-Amari] both choreographed and danced, was the highlight of the evening. Amari's command of the full stage was assured. Her use of the two veils as both part of the intricate choreography and extensions of her body was mesmerizing, as she and the colored fabric swirled through the air and space. Later in the program Amari also danced 'The Tides in the Moonlight' as a solo (injured dancer Nicolette Boese was also listed for this piece) rather than a duet. Again, her assurance on stage mitigated anything missed owing to the absence of Boese. This blend of ballet with touches of ballet danced to a modern, upbeat interpretation of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata provided an interesting take on moonlight, usually considered 'cool' or 'serene', as the hotness of the beat and moves transformed a typically tranquil conceit. 'The Elements Collide' was costumed in brilliant colors, and as the dancers manipulated the fan veils in sophisticated patterns together with complex floor patterns the Clifton stage exploded with energy and color. 'Water Consumes Us' did, as the program note suggests, bring the company together in one last show of unity and strength demonstrating that even with one dancer short the company can make a performance engaging... Louisville dance fans should add Samovar to their list of dance options in the coming months; it's been many seasons since Louisville audiences have been able to attend such a wide range of dance genres as are available to us at this time." — Kathi Ellis

Oct 2014 :: Interview with Courier Journal for Iraqi Culture week:

  • [ video ] Ruric conducts a class on improvising to oud music.

Oct 2014 Studio Party

  • [ video ] Michelle Gross does a short and lively Tahitian solo.

Sept 2014 Americana Festival

  • [ video ] In 2014, Nicolette Boese Spears, a modern dancer, started performing with Samovar in some of the Tahitian and bellydance numbers. She also brought her own special skill set to the group; here's a Bob-Fosse-genre number she choreographed with herself as lead.

Aug 2014 Studio Party

  • [ video ] For several years Ruric has been working on a dance genre that combines both Bharatanatyam and Middle Eastern dance steps. She completes a new choreography once a year or so.
  • [ video ] Bollywood! Duet performance to Nagada Sang Dhol

Feb 2012 International Festival

  • [video ] A brief, lively Tahitian number.

Nov 2011 :: ISA Dance Competition in Lexington:

  • [video ] Ruric-Amari, Annie and Blythe of Samovar East perform Mein Vari Vari and Ishq Kamina.

Oct 2011 :: Concert at Clifton Center:

  • [video ]Club Bellydance, a subset of the BDSS, came to town in 2011 with a proposal for a joint concert of local and BDSS dancers. Ruric organized a concert that included Samovar, Crescent Moon dancers, Laylia Dancer, Kelly Craig, Laci Samira, and various permutations and combinations. Here's the hat and cane dance, evolved into a trio choreography. Performed by Ruric, Annie and Blythe.

Sep 2011 on WHAS TV

  • [video ] Ruric-Amari was interviewed on the new WHAS show, Great Day Live, and the TV station posted a 3-minute clip online.

Feb 2011 :: Mediterranean Echoes

  • [video ] Ruric-Amari and Samovar East perform Ishq Kamina.

Dec 2010 :: Brown Hotel

  • [ video ] Ruric-Amari and Samovar East perform Kajra Re with a little help from the audience :).

Aug 2010 :: Worldfest

  • [video ] Ruric-Amari does a light-hearted percussive little solo to bottle music. Thank you to the Sheltons for this video.

Feb 2010 :: U of L Banquet

  • [ video ] Eight Samovarians on stage at U of L perform the newly expanded version of one of Ruric's first choreographies.

Oct 2009 :: Mecca concert

  • [ video ] A veil dance choreographed to Cassandra Abram's lovely music. The camera is too close for veil work but it is the only copy we have.

Sep 2009 :: WorldFest

  • [ video ] Ut Gret, Ruric-Amari and Samovar perform a Klezmer tune.
  • [ video ] Ruric and Ut Gret and more dance hi-jinks.

Jul 2009 :: Shimmy for the Cure Concert, Colorado

  • [ video ] Ruric-Amari, Anna Beth and Theresa perform the second in a series of Bharatanatyam-inspired pieces from Ruric's "Indic Idiom" project.

Aug 2009 at Studio Party

  • [ video ] Sword dance duet, Ruric-Amari and Anna Beth.

Feb 2008 at Mediteranean Echoes event in Cincinatti:

  • [ video ] The Pooka dance: three mischievous spirits perform one XMED (eXperimental Mid Eastern Dance) choreography. Videography By Tony.
  • [ video ] Ruric's Eleven: eleven Samovarians on stage in a unique choreography of contrast and counterpoint. Videography By Tony.

November 2007 at MEDSOK concert:

  • [ video ] Ruric's original hat-and-cane dance.
  • [ video ] Samovar Raks like Eqyptians do...four members of Samovar finally get to wear beads onstage!
  • [ video ] Ruric and Anna perform a genuinely unauthentic skirt dance. Watch at your own risk.

July 2007 at Mid-Eastern Mayhem in Muncie IN:

  • [ video ] Morocco's workshop concert in NYC.
  • [ video ] Passions: Ruric-Amari and Samovar.

March 2007:

  • [ video ] Sword dance: Ruric-Amari and Theresa of Samovar.
  • [ video ] Piano and veil: Steve Roberts,pianist, and Ruric-Amari, dancer, improvise together.

Sept 2006

  • [ video ] Ole, performed by Ut Gret and Ruric-Amari. Mike Hargis, videographer and compiler.


[ video ] 2011: Premier for proposed March 2012 show. Someone who liked all the large, loud bits put this together as part of a funding proposal.

[ video ] 2007: Ruric & Samovar in action, on stage and off. Assembled by Anna Wagner. Several clips courtesy of Seventh Son Video and Videologex.

[ video ]2006: Ruric-Amari and Ut Gret at Rudyard Kipling and Uncle Pleasant. Assembled by Fred Klein of Seventh Son Video.

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